License Fees:

Neutered Male or Spayed Female:  $3.00

Non-neutered or non-spayed:  $8.00

Note:  There is a $5.00 late fee for licenses
purchased after April 1.

Call Carol Kitchmaster:  715-757-3757
Stray or Unlicensed Dogs:  A daily fee of ten dollars ($10) shall be assessed for
impounded dogs.  The dog shall not be released to the owner until total amount
of fees has been paid.  In addition to the $10, a $75 deposit shall be paid to the
Town of Silver Cliff before an unlicensed dog shall be released to its owner.  
Within 14 days, the owner shall provide proof of a valid dog license and pay any
fees or fines to the Town of Silver Cliff for violation of the ordinance, and the
deposit shall be refunded.  

To report a stray dog, call the Town Constable, Scott Baldwin, at 715-757-9219.
      Silver Cliff Dog License